Canvas Docs

What is Canvas?

Canvas is a collaborative data exploration tool that helps modern business teams make decisions without SQL.
With Canvas, business teams no longer need to know SQL or rely on data teams for help:
  • Answering ad-hoc questions 🔭
  • Building and maintaining dashboards 📊
  • Automating existing manual spreadsheets 🤖
Answering ad-hoc questions Have an idea that you think might drive the business forward? Canvas lets business teams drag and drop any dataset onto a canvas to sort, filter, pivot, join and visualize data. Get stuck or have a question for the data team? Just drop a comment on the canvas and tag them. They can then inspect your analysis via either SQL and help you get across the finish line. 🏁 Building and maintaining dashboards Gone are the days of relying on the data team to update a chart or a table on a dashboard. With Canvas, business teams can create and maintain shared dashboards with just their spreadsheet skills. After you're ready to show off your work, invite your team as editors or commenters so they can check metrics, drill into specific data, and collaborate directly in the canvas. Automating existing manual spreadsheets Stop wasting hours each week exporting CSVs from different data sources and updating your models. With Canvas, you can use spreadsheet formulas you're familiar with to rebuild your models just once and watch them update with live data. 🪄

Getting Started

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