Canvas Docs
Assigning permissions
Canvas has a simple permissions model so you can easily make sure everyone has access to the right data.


The first user to sign up for a company is automatically assigned as an Owner.
Owners can:
  • Connect and remove data warehouses and dbt
  • Invite team members to their team
  • Invite team members to a shared canvas


Editors can:
  • Add text and new tables onto a canvas
  • Move, scale, edit, or remove any data in a canvas
  • Share a canvas with commenters
  • Upgrade existing commenters to have editor permissions
Editors cannot:
  • Invite collaborators to the team as owners
  • Upgrade themselves, or other team members, to owners


Commenters can:
  • View a canvas and its data
  • Comment in the canvas
Commenters cannot:
  • Edit, rearrange, or remove any data in a canvas
  • Share the canvas
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