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Pivot tables

You can use pivot tables to aggregate data for quick insights. You just need to build the pivot once and watch the data update in real-time. 🔮
  • To summarize data as a pivot table, highlight the table by clicking the upper-left of the table. Then select the pivot icon in the navigation bar.
  • A blank pivot table will display on the canvas, while a menu will appear to configure the pivot table.
  • Drag a single source field or multiple source fields into a panel below to visualize data as a row, column, or value.
  • For Rows or Columns, select the Details icon and select the sort order to sort a row or column source field.
  • For Values, select the Details icon to summarize a value by any of the following:
    • Count Unique
    • Count
    • Sum
    • Average
    • Minimum
    • Maximum