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You can visualize any data as a chart that will quickly show your team how your business is trending. 📊
  • Select the chart icon to visualize a selected table.
  • Select chart type to configure the chart as a:
    • Bar
    • Line
    • Combo
    • Pie
    • Scatterplot
  • Configure how you want to display the chart
    • Select Stacking to configure how the data should be plotted:
    • normal stacking stacks the data series on top of each other in order
    • 100% fills the plot area and draws each point of data with a relative percentage to all the points in the same category
    • Select x-axis to configure which source field appears horizontally in the chart
    • Select series to configure which data series should display in the chart:
    • If you are configuring a chart based on a pivot, toggle to the pivot menu to configure how you want to summarize a value.
    • Select All will display all data points in the table in the chart.
    • You can also customize the display name of each axis