Shopify fulfillment

Shopify fulfillment

Orders enriched with fulfillment status.

Use case
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Orders enriched with data on order fulfillement.

Model columns

unique_idPK of the table
fulfillment_event_idThe unique ID for fulfillment event per source.
source_relationThe schema or database this record came from if you are making use of the shopify_union_schemas or shopify_union_databases variables, respectively. Empty string if you are not using either of these variables to union together multiple Shopify connectors.
event_statusThe status of the fulfillment. Valid values include:
- pending: Shopify has created the fulfillment and is waiting for the third-party fulfillment service to transition it to 'open' or 'success'.
- open: The fulfillment has been acknowledged by the service and is in processing.
- success: The fulfillment was successful.
- cancelled: The fulfillment was cancelled.
- error: There was an error with the fulfillment request.
- failure: The fulfillment request failed.
cityThe city where the fulfillment event occurred.
countryThe country where the fulfillment event occurred.
tracking_companyThe name of the tracking company.
nameThe uniquely identifying fulfillment name, consisting of two parts separated by a .. The first part represents the order name and the second part represents the fulfillment number. The fulfillment number automatically increments depending on how many fulfillments are in an order (e.g. #1001.1, #1001.2).
serviceThe fulfillment service associated with the fulfillment.
shipment_statusThe current shipment status of the fulfillment. Valid values include:
- label_printed: A label for the shipment was purchased and printed.
- label_purchased: A label for the shipment was purchased, but not printed.
- attempted_delivery: Delivery of the shipment was attempted, but unable to be completed.
- ready_for_pickup: The shipment is ready for pickup at a shipping depot.
- confirmed: The carrier is aware of the shipment, but hasn't received it yet.
- in_transit: The shipment is being transported between shipping facilities on the way to its destination.
- out_for_delivery: The shipment is being delivered to its final destination.
- delivered: The shipment was succesfully delivered.
- failure: Something went wrong when pulling tracking information for the shipment, such as the tracking number was invalid or the shipment was canceled.
created_timestampThe date and time when the fulfillment event was created. The API returns this value in ISO 8601 format.
order_idThe unique numeric identifier for the order.
order_valueOrder Value
order_refund_valueOrder Refund Value
order_total_quantityOrder Total Quantity
order_total_taxOrder Total Tax
order_total_discountOrder Total Discount
estimated_delivery_atThe estimated delivery date based on the fulfillment's tracking number, as long as it's provided by one of the following carriers: USPS, FedEx, UPS, or Canada Post (Canada only). Value is null if no tracking number is available or if the tracking number is from an unsupported carrier. This property is available only when carrier calculated rates are in use.

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