Shopify customer cohorts

Shopify customer cohorts

Cohort analysis of customer performance

Use case
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Each record represents a customer's performance in a calendar month.

Model columns

customer_cohort_idUnique key representing a customer in a given month. Hashed on 'date_month', 'customer_id', and 'source_relation'.
cohort_monthThe month the cohort belongs to, i.e the first month the customer had an order.
cohort_month_numberThe 'number' of the date_month of the record, i.e. how many months from their start month this cohort occurred
customer_idThe ID of the related customer.
date_monthThe calendar month the customer stats relate to.
first_order_timestampThe timestamp of the customer's first order.
total_line_item_in_monthNumber of line items purchased in the date_month
total_line_item_lifetimeNumber of line items purchased up until and including this date_month.
total_order_in_monthNumber of orders purchased in the date_month
total_order_lifetimeNumber of orders purchased up until and including this date_month.
total_order_amount_in_monthTotal amount (in shop currency) purchased in the date_month
total_order_amount_lifetimeTotal amount (in shop currency) up until and including this date_month.
source_relationThe schema or database this record came from if you are making use of the shopify_union_schemas or shopify_union_databases variables, respectively. Empty string if you are not using either of these variables to union together multiple Shopify connectors.

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