Outreach and Salesforce opportunities

Outreach and Salesforce opportunities

Outreach opportunities joined with Salesforce data

Use case
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The combination of Outreach & Salesforce Opportunity enriched with information about the sales rep in charge of the deal

Model columns

opportunity_idGlobal opportunity id, synthesized by salesforce & outreach opportunity_id.
outreach_opportunity_idId of the opportunity in Outreach database
outreach_account_idId of the account in Outreach database
outreach_owner_idId of the opportunity's sales rep in Outreach database
sf_opportunity_idId of the opportunity in Salesforce database
sf_account_idId of the account in Salesforce database
sf_owner_idId of opportunity's sales rep in Salesforce database
opportunity_nameOpportunity name
amountOpportunity amount
close_dateDay when opportunity is closed
opportunity_statusStatus of th opportunity
opportunity_probabilitythe field that quantifies the likelihood of winning an opportunity
is_closedBoolean field indicating whether an opportunity is closed
created_atDate when opportunity is created
sourceData source: either salesforce or outreach
count_wontotal number of won cases for the account
count_losttotal number of lost cases for the account
count_closedtotal number of closed cases for the account
count_opentotal number of open cases for the account
amount_wontotal amount won for the account
amount_losttotal amount lost for the account
sales_rep_emailEmail of the sales rep of the opportunity
sales_rep_nameName of the sales rep of the opportunity
sales_rep_titleJob title of the sales rep of the opportunity
sales_rep_phone_numberPhone number of the sales rep of the opportunity

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