Marketo programs

Marketo programs

Programs with delivery statistics

Use case
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Each record is a Marketo program.

Model columns

program_idID of the program.
channelChannel of the program.
created_timestampTimestamp the program was created at
descriptionDescription of the program.
end_timestampEnd date of the program. Applicable to event, email, and webinar type programs.
program_nameName of the program.
program_statusStatus of the program. Only valid for Email and engagement program types. Allowed values: locked, unlocked, on, off
program_typeType of the program. Allowed values: program, event, webinar, nurture
sfdc_idSFDC id of the program if linked to an SFDC campaign.
sfdc_nameName of the linked SFDC campaign if applicable.
start_timestampStart date of program. Applicable to event, email and webinar type programs.
updated_timestampTimestamp the program was most recently updated.
urlURL of the program in the Marketo UI.
workspaceName of the workspace.
count_sendsCount of total sends from related email sends.
count_opensCount of total opens from related email sends.
count_bouncesCount of total bounces from related email sends.
count_clicksCount of total clicks from related email sends.
count_deliveriesCount of total deliveries from related email sends.
count_unsubscribesCount of total unsubscribes from related email sends.
count_unique_opensCount of unique opens from related email sends.
count_unique_clicksCount of unique clicks from related email sends.
open_rates_by_sendsUnique email opened divided by total email sent.
click_rates_by_sendsUnique email clicked divided by total email sent.
open_rates_by_deliveriesUnique email opened divided by total email deliveries.
click_rates_by_deliveriesUnique email clicked divided by total email deliveries.

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