Hubspot companies

Hubspot companies

Deals with engagement statistics.

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Each record represents a deal in Hubspot.

Model columns

descriptionA brief description of the deal.
amountThe total value of the deal in the deal's currency.
closed_atThe day the deal is expected to close, or was closed.
created_atThe date the deal was created. This property is set automatically by HubSpot.
deal_idThe ID of the deal
deal_nameThe name you have given this deal.
is_deletedWhether the record was deleted.
portal_idThe hub ID.
deal_pipeline_idThe ID of the deal's pipeline.
deal_pipeline_stage_idThe ID of the deal's pipeline stage.
owner_idThe ID of the deal's owner.
count_engagementThe total number of engagements of all kinds.
count_engagement_notesThe total number of related note engagements.
count_engagement_tasksThe total number of related task engagements.
count_engagement_callsThe total number of related call engagements.
count_engagement_meetingsThe total number of related meeting engagements.
count_engagement_emailsThe total number of related email engagements.
count_engagement_incoming_emailsThe total number of related incoming email engagements.
count_engagement_forwarded_emailsThe total number of related forwarded email engagements.
is_pipeline_activeBoolean indicating if the pipeline is active.
pipeline_labelThe label of the deal's pipeline.
pipeline_stage_labelThe label of the deal's pipeline stage.
owner_email_addressThe email address of the deal's owner.
owner_full_nameThe full name of the deal's owner.
_fivetran_syncedTimestamp of when a record was last synced.

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