Hubspot companies

Hubspot companies

Companies enriched with revenue, stage, and task data.

Use case
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Each record represents an engagement

Model columns

company_idThe ID of the engagement.
_fivetran_syncedTimestamp of when a record was last synced.
is_deletedBoolean type, whether a record was deleted from system or not.
company_nameName of the company
descriptiona short statement about the company's mission and goals.
created_atTimestamp of when a record was first created.
addressthe street address of the company.
address_2additional address information for the company.
citythe city where the company is located.
statethe state where the company is located.
countrythe country where the company is located.
company_annual_revenuethe actual or estimated annual revenue of the company.
analytics_sourcethe source (Organic search, Paid search, Email marketing, Social media, Referrals, Other campaigns, Direct traffic, or Offline sources) for the contact with the earliest activity for this company
recent_conversion_datethe date of the most recent conversion by a contact associated with the company. This is set automatically by HubSpot.
first_conversion_datethe date of the first conversion by any contact associated with the company. This is set automatically by HubSpot.
industrythe type of business the company performs
first_contact_create_datethe date the first contact for this company was created in your account. This can pre-date the company's Create date property.
notes_last_contactedthe timestamp from the most recent chat conversation, call, email, or meeting logged for this company.
num_associated_dealsthe number of deals in the HubSpot CRM associated with the company.
total_deal_valuethe total value of deals associated with the company.
first_deal_created_datethe date the first deal was created for a contact at this company.
lifecycle_stagea property used to indicate at what point the company is within the marketing/sales process. Doc link here
lifecycle_stage_numnumber presents each stage in company's lifecycle, 1 equals to the first stage and so on
owner_assigned_datethe timestamp for when a record owner was assigned to the company.
relationship_typethe company's relationship to you (e.g., prospect, partner, reseller, vendor, or other).
close_datethe date the company became your customer.
total_revenuethe total value of deals closed with the company or organization.
days_to_closethe number of days between the day the company was added to your account and the day they became a customer.
lead_statusdescribes the sub-stages within a Sales Qualified Lead lifecycle stage. Doc link here
time_in_stageTotal time a company in Marketing Qualified Lead stage
time_in_marketingqualifiedleadTotal time a company in Marketing Qualified Lead stage
time_in_leadTotal time a company in Lead stage
time_in_customerTotal time a company in Customer stage
time_in_subscriberTotal time a company in Subscriber stage
time_in_opportunityTotal time a company in Opportunity stage
count_engagementThe total number of engagements of all kinds.
count_engagement_notesThe total number of related note engagements.
count_engagement_tasksThe total number of related task engagements.
count_engagement_callsThe total number of related call engagements.
count_engagement_meetingsThe total number of related meeting engagements.
count_engagement_emailsThe total number of related email engagements.
count_engagement_incoming_emailsThe total number of related incoming email engagements.
count_engagement_forwarded_emailsThe total number of related forwarded email engagements.

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