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“With Canvas, we can orient our teams around revenue from day one and build a culture of truly data-driven decision making as we grow.”
Sophie Benjamin
Chief of Staff, Anvil
Frequently asked
If you have any other questions, talk to us!
What if I have my own data warehouse?
No problem! We connect to all major warehouses.
What if I want to share dashboards with third parties?
We offer simple and secure sharing with your customers and partners, which requires them to authenticate just like any user.
Are there any user limits?
What are monthly active rows (MAR)?
It's the number of rows changed in the data source in a month. For example, if a table has 100 million rows, but only 2 million of those change in a month, it counts as 2 million MAR.
Is there a free trial?
Yes, you can try everything Canvas has to offer for 14 days for free before you get charged.
Do you have a startup program?
If you are pre-revenue, let us know!

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