Canvas Docs

Navigating a canvas

A canvas is a real-time, collaborative workspace for you and your team to import, analyze, and share data. 💡

Viewing and creating canvases

On the projects page, you can find all canvases that your team has created as well as your own private canvases. Select the + icon in the grid to create a new canvas from the projects page.

Explore your canvas

In the primary navigation menu, you can (from left to right):
  • Toggle to cursor mode
  • Add text
  • Add a comment
  • Import data
  • Name the canvas
  • View who is active on the same canvas
  • Share the canvas with teammates
  • Refresh data in the canvas

Toggle to cursor mode

Select the cursor icon to select tables, text, and charts on the canvas.
If you're on a PC, you can navigate the canvas using either of the following methods:
  • Mouse wheel to zoom in/out
  • ctrl plus and ctrl minus to zoom
Instructions are also in the menu drop-down in the upper-left of the screen and in our universal search menu if you enter command K

Add text

To label items on your canvas, click on the text icon in the top canvas navbar and then click in the canvas where you’d like to place text. You can format, re-size, and even specify formulas and functions that reference other tables on the canvas.

Add a comment

To collaborate with your teammates in a canvas, select the comment icon. To notify a specific teammate, select the @ key to select existing teammates or enter an email address to invite new teammates to sign up and view your comment. Learn more

Import data

Select the + icon to import live data from your applications. Learn more

Name the canvas

Select the existing name and begin typing to edit the name of the canvas.

View who is active on the canvas

Once you share your canvas with your teammates, hover on these icons to view who is actively looking at the canvas at the same time.

Share the canvas with teammates

Once you're ready to share your insights with the team, select share to invite your teammates and control what actions they can take.

Refresh data in the canvas

All data in your canvas will update every 15 minutes. Select the refresh icon if you want to see recent changes in your data warehouse or dbt project.