Managed warehouse

No warehouse? Explore data from any app.

Don't have a warehouse? Or just want to try out Canvas without committing to connecting your warehouse? You can now connect and explore data from hundreds of apps in minutes without code.  

Head to Integrations > Managed Warehouse > Connect apps to get started. The initial connection takes just a few minutes per application. Learn more here.

Filters and pivots now depend on column data types

Canvas is now aware of the data types of your columns. To quickly see the data types contained in your tables, open the Data Library in a canvas.

Once data is imported onto a canvas, you will now only see applicable options for a respective data type when filtering tables or creating aggregations in pivot tables.


  • Download charts as PNGs via Comand+Shift+D
  • New chart tooltip styles
  • Improved zooming for quickly arranging items on the canvas
  • Improved dbt onboarding flow for faster job selection