April product update🌷

Read below for a full list of improvements we've made over the past month.

No warehouse? Explore data from any app.

Don't have a warehouse? Or just want to try out Canvas without committing to connecting your warehouse? You can now connect and explore data from hundreds of apps in minutes without code.  

Head to Integrations > Managed Warehouse > Connect apps to get started. The initial connection takes just a few minutes per application. Learn more here.

Filters and pivots now depend on column data types

Canvas is now aware of the data types of your columns. To quickly see the data types contained in your tables, open the Data Library in a canvas.

Once data is imported onto a canvas, you will now only see applicable options for a respective data type when filtering tables or creating aggregations in pivot tables.


  • Download charts as PNGs via Comand+Shift+D
  • New chart tooltip styles
  • Improved zooming for quickly arranging items on the canvas
  • Improved dbt onboarding flow for faster job selection


Canvas now lets you search for any action in the tool by entering command + K.  Here, you can see all actions you can take along with their keyboard shortcuts.

In addition, you can also search for terms and get quick access to our documentation.


  • Made improvements to tables so that the header row is always frozen
  • Added support for undo


Canvas now lets you see the lineage behind any chart or table so you can understand what underlying tables, pivot tables, or join tables were used to construct it.

Click on any of the items in the lineage tree and Canvas will direct you automatically to that table to view it. You can also hide any of these underlying tables to make the canvas cleaner and easier to navigate.


  • Added support for BigQuery
  • Added ability to force a refresh of all models from the Data Library
  • Added scatterplots and combo charts as chart types
  • Added ability to select multiple columns at a time
  • Added support for customizing chart axis labels
  • Made improvements to formula entry experience


Ever wish you could add a calculated field to your tables? You can now do that easily with formula columns!

Formulas let you use familiar spreadsheet syntax to do complex calculations based on other columns and other tables, all without opening up the SQL editor.

We're initially launching with a set of the most common spreadsheet functions, and we will be adding more over time.


  • Added support for periods in column names
  • Made permission grants more explicit
  • Made improvements to load times
  • Made improvements to mouse navigation


We made major performance upgrades to warehouse queries. They now run asynchronously, which means we handle slow queries better.

We also added the ability to duplicate canvases, so you don't have to start from scratch to create a dashboard similar to the one you already have.


  • Fixed handling for column names that contain keywords (e.g. FALSE)
  • Made it easier to tell if you are working on a private or team canvas
  • Improved handling for big JSON values
  • Improved column formatting
Pivot columns

Pivot columns

We added columns to pivots. This makes it easy to make stacked charts with multiple series.

We also made it possible to sort pivots by values.


  • Added support for QUALIFY in Postgres
  • Made clone SQL cleaner
  • Fixed minor chart display bug
  • Added better error handling for Postgres and Snowflake
Column definitions

Column definitions

We added dbt column definitions to the table info sidebar. This lets you reuse the documentation you worked so hard to maintain in your models!

We also improved query performance by batching multiple queries together.


  • Fixed joins with ambiguous columns
  • Fixed boolean filters
  • Fixed pivoting when a cell is selected
  • Added editing existing warehouse integrations
  • Made minor join menu improvements